Dr. Courtney Knapp

Child & Adolescent Psychologist Serving Orange County, California

Transitioning Back to School


It’s that time of year again..summer is coming to a close and school is around the corner. This can be a stressful time for families as summer time may have been relaxing with less scheduling and arguing about waking up in the morning and doing homework after school! I think it is important to begin introducing more structure, starting even a couple weeks before the first day of school. This means waking up and going to bed earlier! Here is an article with some helpful tips on how to help you and your child have an easier transition back to school.

I particularly like the idea of going to visit the school with your child which may help reduce back to school anxiety. I also like replacing some screen time with reading or other quiet activity to help children transition back to school work mode. And if at all possible do as much the evening before school (pick out clothing, bath time, make lunch) so morning time is that much easier.

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