Dr. Courtney Knapp

Child & Adolescent Psychologist Serving Orange County, California

New Patients

When preparing for your session, there are 2 important pieces of information that I need.  Your insurance information and my intake paperwork.  Please have both pieces ready for your first session.

  1. Intake Forms
  2. In Network Insurance
  3. Out of Network Insurance

Intake Paperwork

Prior to your session, please fill out both the informed consent document as well as the notice of privacy practice and bring the completed documents to your intake.

  1. Informed Consent
  2. Notice Of Privacy Practices

In Network Insurance

  1. Provider (Cigna, Blueshield, etc)
  2. Policy Number
  3. Primary insured name and date of birth
  4. CoPay
  5. Deductible and deductible status